The Question

How is it that we humans have advanced so far in science, mathematics, and technology, yet we demonstrate so much confusion, misunderstanding, and violence in our interactions with others and within ourselves?

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New York Society of General Semantics

Applying Science to Improve everyday life

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NYSGS's Goal is simple: Aiming to improve one's ability to evaluate the world and one's place in it.

General semantics (GS) involves applying techniques, habits, and viewpoints of science to problems of everyday living. GS encourages the use of the Scientific Method (observe, hypothesize, experiment, and conclude)

General Semantics provides methods and practical devises to teach us that life issues become clearer and more manageable as we move toward…

  • A better understanding of the background assumptions we bring to a situation.
  • Willingness and an ability to make careful and clear observations.
  • A willingness to continuously test, evaluate, and examine our assumptions and behavior based on our observations.

The discipline of general semantics is based on a set of science-based values that have greatly contributed to human progress. These values include recognizing the importance of change, objectivity, relativity, uncertainty, "non-elementalism," experimentation, distinguishing between fact and inference, and consciousness of evaluation. The holding of such values, as opposed to their opposites, can mean the difference between an "unsane" and immature view of reality and a sane and mature view.

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